The mind is a minimalist javascript platformer, that trys to explain the brain and mind in an interesting and unique way. Rather than just blocks of text, the game gives you information about the brain as you progress, meaning that people learn at their own pace, but for every new piece of info. They must work for it, by getting to the next section of the game. I think this is a great way of gamifying a complex topic.

Development log:

  1. Left and right movement added.
  2. Movement now smoothly slows and accelerates
  3. Gravity added
  4. Jumping added
  5. Jump made much smoother
  6. Simple level added
  7. Basic collision detection added
  8. The level is stored in a string, easy to make levels
  9. Fixed colision detection vibration issue
  10. Collision now works within one frame, cannot go inside blocks
  11. Tile map supports more than one type of block
  12. Lava is also included, kill on touch
  13. Player spawn can be set in level file
  14. Respawns on touching lava, and bottom of screen
  15. Coins added
  16. Score is displayed and on death coins reset
  17. Checkpoints added
  18. Finnish line added, but not complete.
  19. Coins and checkpoints are now integrated better
  20. Basic multiple level support
  21. Coins no longer reset, makes game less annoying
  22. Moving platforms added
  23. Basic enemys added
  24. Enemys interact with each other
  25. Deleting blocks added
  26. Basic text support added
  27. Music playing added
  28. Way more levels created
  29. Text, appears with the player
  30. Moving lava blocks created


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Made with phaser ?

Nope, pure javascript.