A downloadable game for Windows

This is a short, minimalist platformer where you play as a shape, who needs to find his lover. Unfortunately every jump he makes he looses a vertex, thus once he is a triangle he cannot jump, or else he will cease to exist.

Some information for you note. This game was made in 48 hours (More like 18 hours) In C++. With a game engine that I made, and have never tested. Expect bugs and crashes. But at least maybe an interesting story. (Though I doubt it, because I think this is one of the worst game I have ever made).

Enjoy :(

Install instructions

Extract the zip file using Win-Rar or other programs.

Then run the 'Games.exe'

and your in!


InfiniteVerticies_Windows32.zip 35 MB
InfiniteVerticies_Windows32_Fix.zip 35 MB


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I made a short video about the game ^^

Thanks for that :)